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Syfy greenlights '12 Monkeys' series

Syfy has approved 12 episodes of a "12 Monkeys" TV series.
Universal Pictures

Syfy announced Friday in a press release they've greenlighted 12 episodes of the TV drama "12 Monkeys," based on the 1995 film of the same name. the show is currently scheduled to premiere in January 2015.

"12 Monkeys" will star Aaron Stanford ("Nikita" and "X-Men: The Last Stand"), Amanda Schull ("Suits" and "Pretty Little Liars"), Noah Bean ("Nikita" and "Damages") and Kirk Acevedo ("Fringe"). Stanford will play the character originally played by Bruce Willis in the film, who is a time traveler from the future on a mission to find the source of a deadly plague and stop it from causing the extinction of the human race.

Executive producers will be Charles Roven and Richard Suckle of Atlas Entertainment, with roving having served as a producer of the original film. the most recent film project for Atlas Entertainment was the critically acclaimed "American Hustle." Natalie Chaidez ("In Plain Sight" and "Heroes") will serve as Executive Producer/showrunner.

Universal Cable Productions is also producing, adding to their current list of credits that include: "Defiance," “Dominion” and "Warehouse 13" for Syfy, as well as "Covert Affairs," "Psych," and "Suits" for USA.

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