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Sydney Harrison: a man on your side in the court system

Sydney Harrison recently announced his candidacy for Clerk of the Court of Prince Georges County Maryland at DeSoul Café in Brandywine Maryland.

Sydney Harrison with his son, Jerrell.
Wardell Photography
Sydney Harrison and Kennan Cooley at Harrison's announce for office.
photos by Wardell Photography

What does the clerk of the court do and why does it matter?

The office of the clerk of the court is the administrative arm to the judiciary system. A clerk of the court manages and directs all of the offices of the county that deal with your criminal, traffic, civil, small claims, probate, child support, civil law, equity, foreclosure filings, land records and other court issues. In short, if you end up in court, the clerk of the court is responsible for the safeguarding of your information.

Is this important to you? It can be if you go to court and your records are misplaced or misfiled. It can be a factor for obtaining custody of your child or avoid jail time for a crime you did not commit. At that moment you want someone who cares about you as a person not a court file record. Sydney Harrison is that person.

Harrison is a person who cares about issues affecting the lives of others. He has supported many community organizations over the years. Many people know Harrison for his annual toy drive and other community affairs.

However his greatest story is his life. As a foster child, he was a product of the court system and he understands how easily your life can be affected as a result. His parents battled with the courts to finally adopt him due to his bi-racial status and his parents’ Caucasian status (which is not an issue to be decided in court).

Harrison describes his life’s journey of self-discovery in his book, “Soul Searcher”.

"“Soul Searcher” is my depiction of the events and lessons that shaped me. I hope it serves as a inspiration for others who walk a difficult life path. I talk about searching for my identity and being caught up and confused about race and heritage. I learned that I’m not defined by the color of my skin or where I came from, but by my gifts, my purpose, my talents that must be shared. Writing “Soul Searcher” was part of my contribution to those who are like me and who are not like me. I believe firmly and have stated in my book that, “Sometimes in life you have to figure out how to make a rose grow on concrete. Life will sometimes give you hardened soil and ground, but it’s up to you to not let this harden your heart.”

So if you live in Prince George’s county, cast your vote for Sydney Harrison. Next time you need to use court services, you will appreciate that someone at the top cares about you.

Written by
Kennan Cooley

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