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Sydney Benner teams with Lionsgate BeFit for new YouTube yoga workouts

If you're looking to get in shape for the summer, Lionsgate is looking to help. The studio has created a new health and fitness YouTube channel, BeFit, with a number of experts providing videos full of advice and workout routines to make staying in shape more accessible and more convenient. One of those experts is Sydney Benner, the co-founder of Benner Fit and yoga specialist for The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper's website. Sydney joined us last week to discuss her involvement with BeFit and why it was the right fit for her.

Sydney Benner serves as a yoga expert for Lionsgate's BeFit fitness channel on YouTube.
Benner Fit

Having taught fitness for more than three years and dance for more than a decade, Sydney considered the YouTube channel a great opportunity to expand her personal brand. "I wanted to reach out to a broader audience," she told us, "and bring the element of fitness that I love to YouTube, and see how people took to it. It's been really exciting so far."

"My whole vision is about three specific parts of fitness together. Yoga, and then dance, and standard fitness," she said. "Blending those three things together."

Is there anything in particular that she hopes BeFit viewers pick up from watching her workouts? "It's really about gaining energy," Sydney explained. "So after you're done, you should be feeling really good and feeling really energized."

Speaking of energy, Sydney seems to have no shortage of it. Whether she's producing a new video for BeFit, or teaching one of her classes - some of which take the unique approach of combining yoga and cardio workouts with the music of a live DJ - in the Los Angeles area, she's got no shortage of projects that she's working on.

"My energy level is through the roof, as you can probably see in the videos," she laughed. "I love being on the go. I love having a million things going on at once. It keeps me excited and motivated. Fitness and dance is the perfect combination for me. I teach three to four classes a day; I don't really have to sit still. I'm always doing something!"

We've included one of Sydney's recent BeFit videos here; for more, you can visit the Lionsgate BeFit channel ( or Sydney's own Benner Fit website ( You can also follow her on Twitter (@BennerFit).

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