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Sybris, Apteka, and Scott Lucas @ Schubas (Saturday 2/20)


Three excellent Chicago acts take the Schubas stage tonight. Sybris play '90's alt-rock with a graceful, shambling approach reminiscent of Sonic Youth. Frontwoman Angela Mullenhour sings with a uniquely primitive blues-howl, carrying each song to unexpected heights.

Veteran local rocker Scott Lucas appears with The Married Men, shedding the power-pop trappings of his day job, Local H, for a more traditional approach ala early Wilco. Fans pining for their shoegaze fix should look no further than openers Apteka, an act with the swagger of Interpol and the hazy dreaminess of Slowdive. 

The show starts at 10 PM. You can purchase tickets for $12 at the door.