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Lines forming for the Blind Pig
Lines forming for the Blind Pig
Melissa Sue Photography

Last night I took a stroll down sixth street to take a look at what the last day of the Interactive Festival had to offer.  Unfortunately most of the films and gaming happened before 5pm, but I was still able to see the remnants of the daily activities. 

I was able to see Motorhead playing at Stubbs, local musicians playing at multiple local bars, and people crowding the streets. People of all ages strolled along the sidewalks of downtown Austin with cameras hoping to get that perfect shot for their Facebook page or pictures on Twitter.  I saw musicians trying to find their way to their venue or just simply enjoying the festivities, all of which helped  to create the atmosphere for the famous SXSW music festival.  

As you walk along sixth street and even on fifth and fourth, you could see lines forming hours before the shows start.  You could also hear people conversing about their experiences during the past week and their hopes of what excitement will come in the next week ahead.  SXSW is just another great pastime that Austin has to offer for years to come.  

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