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SXSW festival poll reveals participants go primarily for free food, free beer

The South by Southwest 2014 had people from around the country heading to Austin for a weekend of technology, film, interactive, and music festivals and panels that offer the latest in knowledge. However, the latest poll about the most recent SXSW poll reveals that the primary reason people show up to the festival is for the free food and free beer. According to KTBC on Wednesday, an online poll of the community had 45% of people admitted the primary reason they go to SXSW is for free food, gifts and alcohol.

So it’s really not to see Grumpy Cat and find out about all the latest apps for your iPhone? Apparently the people who responded to the survey find the freebies more appealing than the actual knowledge from the conference. According to Fox News, the main draw is the free flowing beer and all the free food that seems to flow into the streets.

The City of Austin is working with the organizers to deal with some of the issues surrounding SXSW. The latest conference saw a drunk driving crash that injured 20 participants and killed four others. Next year the organizers are looking to get a handle on the crowds and offer alternatives to make the conference a safer place.

The new report outlines the concerns the City of Austin has over the festival and gives people a chance to provide input on what can be done. One thing for sure, the SXSW Festival has out gown what most attendees ever thought was possible and in the process needs to adapt quickly. If people are primarily going for the freebies, it makes everyone wonder why does there need to be panels or exhibit halls.

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