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SxSW accident: 2 dead, 23 injured when car plows into crowd at high-speed

SxSW music fest accident, 2 dead and 23 injured as driver crashes through crowd at high speed.
SxSW music fest accident, 2 dead and 23 injured as driver crashes through crowd at high speed.
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The South by Southwest music festival accident turned a peaceful gathering into a tragedy on Wednesday night. A suspected drunk motorist fleeing police crashed into a crowd killing two and injuring two dozen. This Austin, Texas music festival was in full swing when chaos erupted as a driver crashed through a barricade and smashed into a crowd leaving a nightclub, according to MSN News on March 13.

Once the crashed vehicle came to a stop, the driver jumped out of his vehicle and started to flee on foot, but was hit with a stun gun and taken into custody by police. The driver’s name has not been released by the Austin police at this time. He is facing two counts of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle.

The two people who were killed were riding on a moped that the driver struck as he headed into the crowd of pedestrians. Five of the people struck by this driver were critically injured and the remainder of the 23 people taken to the hospital had suffered various degrees of injuries.

The South by Southwest Festival accident was instantly a subject that flooded social networks as people on the scene were sending out messages of what they had witnessed. Two blocks of downtown Austin are shut-off as the police continue their investigation into this accident today.

This driver was traveling at a high-rate of speed and he had almost run over an officer, who was on foot, before this horrendous crash occurred. The man taken into custody was believed to be under the influence of alcohol. Instead of stopping his vehicle and facing drunk driving charges, he is now facing two counts of capital murder charges today, along with other charges.