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SXSW 2014: New clip from documentary 'Song From The Forest'

SXSW audiences can view a new clip from director Michael Orbert's documentary "Song From The Forest" which premiered on March 10.

Song From The Forest

The film is a tale of two homes: the rainforest of Central Africa, and the bustling streets of urban America.

It follows American author, Louis Sarno, his passionate love for the indigenous music of the Bayaka Pygmies, and how Sarno came to live with and be fully assimilated into this tribe of hunters in the African Forest.

Orbert's documentary continues to follow Sarno as he leaves the Forest with Samedi, his 13 year old son.

In this new clip from the documentary, viewers can watch as Sarno introduces his son to America in a journey through opposites: trees to skyscrapers, clear rivers to congested street traffic.

An encore screening will take place at SXSW on March 12 at Alamo Village.

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