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SXSW 2014: IndieGoGo Event

I’ve lived in the SOMA district of downtown San Francisco since 2008. I have seen the major growth of social media, startups and crowd funding over the past few years. My first crowd funding campaign I wrote about was with kickstarter…and then I was educated on IndieGoGo which is an international solution for crowd funding plus they are a bit more flexible with their funding requirements (It’s not an all or nothing type of campaign).

breathometer, misfit, shine, urb-e
shine from misfit
Shine, misfit

This year at SXSW IndieGoGo hosted an event with several campaigns/ projects for the public to experience. Though it was raining and freezing I stood in line for one main reason; I love Misfit. I’m a huge fan of wearables and the shine (versus Nike fuel).

The first company I visited at the IndieGoGo event was breathometer which transforms your smartphone into a Breathalyzer by plugging in the breathometer device into the 3.5mm headphone jack of your smartphone and launch the app (users can use their facebook account to log in). A cool thing I learned about this product is after breathing into the breathometer and receiving your test results it has an option to contact a taxi plus gives you a listing of cabs in your immediate area. For any party animals out there I would suggest getting the breathometer; it makes you drink smart and be safe. It’s currently on back order on their site for $49.

Next I visited my pals at Misfit which gave me (and also the first 300 in the door) a gift bag with the shine, the breathometer and a t-shirt! I’ve known about Shine and have been meaning to buy one since I walk everywhere. For those that do not know what the Shine is it’s a physical activity monitor that you can either clasp onto your outfit or attach to a wristband. What I love about Shine is you can swim with it, they come with a leather bands or clasp and also other fashionable accessory options like the necklace. You can purchase Shine on their site at $119.95 which includes the sport band and clasp for free. It’s truly the most elegant physical activity monitor…stay tuned for my product review of Shine on

Lastly I met the 3 designers/ partners of the URB-E “the world’s most compact e-vehicle.” Let’s be honest I am not so skilled on a bike. In San Francisco going down Bay Street my brakes on my bike went out and I ran into a parking meter, a family and a light pole…and that is the last time I have ridden a bike (6 years ago). HOWEVER as a product reviews person I had to try the URB-E out…indoors at that (disclaimer: no one was hurt during this product demo). I did not do so well on the two wheeled version but I think the 3 wheeled URB-E may work for me. The URB-E is compact at just under 27lbs and goes up to 15mph plus you can charge it using a regular wall plug. It’s genius for us city dwellers who use public transportation. URB-E is still under the indieGoGo campaign for the next 12 days and can be purchased for $799.00 here.

It’s always refreshing meeting new companies or hearing of their start-up success. I use to be a Kickstarter girl and now I am a full IndieGoGo fan especially since it’s an international crowd funding company.

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