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SWV's Coko talks group problems: I felt betrayed

Coko of SWV on SWV Reunited (2014)
Coko of SWV on SWV Reunited (2014)

R&B and Gospel singer Coko says she felt betrayed by Taj George. Appearing on the series "SWV Reunited" Thursday, Jan. 30, the "I'm So Into You" singer broke down in tears as she recounted how she felt betrayed by her "sister."

"I felt betrayed by my sister and I didn't want to have anything else to do with you because I could not understand why you would do that to me," Coko shared on WEtv Thursday.

According to Coko (Cheryl), Taj allegedly went behind her back and told their manager everything that she was (Coko) was doing on tour.

"We just don't have a relationship," Coko went on to say before breaking down discussing her childhood and relationship with her father. "When I was growing up I was nothing. I dropped out of school in tenth grade. My father ain't really came around until after I was in SWV. Then it was like that's my baby girl... But you don't know Cheryl. You don't love Cheryl."

With tears streaming down her face, Coko went on to say that she has a wall up with everybody, including Taj.

"I have a wall up with everybody. You don't really care. It's just the talent," Coko said, claiming that people are only around her because she can sing. "If I couldn't sing would you be with me? Would you really rock with me if I couldn't make another record?"

"SWV Reunited" airs Thursday nights on WE.

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