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SWV Confirmed to get fans 'Weak' at Urban Hangover III in Vegas

SWV headed to heading Urban Hangover III in Vegas this summer
SWV headed to heading Urban Hangover III in Vegas this summer
Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images

Taj, Lelee and Coko are continuing to prove that there is no stopping them as one of the most successful reunited bands of the 1990's. The trio behind SWV (Sisters With Voices) may be busy with their reality show SWV Reunited, but they are still taking time out to headline this year's Urban Hangover III, July 25th thru 27th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Back in the day, SWV won the title of Female Group of The Decade in 1993 and swept the Billboards in Pop and R&B with hits such as Weak, Human Nature, So Into You and You’re The One. Their stardom also provided the opportunity for many other female group to serve as their opening act including Xscape, Total, 702 and even Destiny’s Child.

During a press briefing, Dave Bishop of Reign Fall Media, an affiliate partner with Urban Hangover had this to say about the event: “When we started out in 2012, we had a couple of promoters with clients who were representing a new brand in the business world that was described as ‘urban professional’. This was a generation of entrepreneurs, executives and people who grew up seeing the transition of hip-hop being a genre of music to seeing it become a lifestyle brand. They are a part of the workforce that brought a new style and demographic into traditional environments. Many of them will not go on a yacht or golfing but will enjoy hanging out in a club with one of their favorite bands from the 1990’s performing live, to exchange ideas, collaborate and network. We focus on giving them an outlet to entertainment with theme and pool parties, an itinerary of events, free time to gamble, enjoy suave venues and group travel. Quite a few folks are returning and they are bringing folks with them and building personal and professional relationships.”

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