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SWTOR 2.7 Update Offers a Little Something for Everyone

SWTOR Quesh Huttball
SWTOR Quesh Huttball

Prepare to invade Tython or Korriban

New Level 55 Flashpoint “Forged Alliances” will offer the Empire and Republic the chance to invade their enemy's homeworld.

In addition, The Dread Fortress will now have the Nightmare mode turned on. Nightmare mode operations provide the ultimate test of your team's gear and skill.

Quesh Huttball

Huttbal, one of the most popular Warzones in SWTOR, and probably one of the most original MMO PVP Warzones ever created is getting a new mapp on Quesh. This new map will force players to climb vertically instead of crossing a field of obstacles. Special “grappling blasters” located throughout the ground will propel your character up to various platform levels.

Galactic Starfighter Updates

While GSF has been focusing on only the two initial 12v12 dogfight and the capture and hold map, a new third map is being included that will force your pilot to dodge enormous capitol ships while fending off enemy attacks in factional battle warfare.

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