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Sword Art Online Season II Announced!

Announced for 2014
Announced for 2014

After a startlingly complete cone of silence regarding the second season of 2012's acclaimed Sword Art Online, word is finally out, and in grand style. After the credits on the Sword Art Online end of the year Special Edition, a brief teaser is shown which confirms the second season will be out in 2014!

Also, the presence of Sinon and the ominous telephone call from Kikouka means that season two will in fact consist of the light novels' thrid story arc, 'Phantom Bullet.' As Phantom Bullet is shorter than all of the Aincrad and Fairy Dance story arcs which made up the first season, it might be safe to assume that the Asuna heavy Mother's Rosario story arc might be included as season 2's second half, much the way Fairy Dance was tacked onto the end of season 1.

Regardless, this means viewers will finally get to see Sinon the Sniper in action, as well as Kirito looking like a girl and wielding a lightsaber. Honestly, could I make that up?