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Inbox Organizer: theSwizzle

Are you ready for change?
Are you ready for change?

For those of us who like getting offers from your favorite stores in your email, but don't like dealing with all the Spam, theSwizzle is definitely an app you need to try.

theSwizzle actually takes all your emails from companies and puts them into an easy to use interface. This is called "Your Daily Digest". Once there, you can easily subscribe or unsubscribe from these emails. If you select an email to move to your digest, you won't receive emails into your inbox anymore, because it will appear in your theSwizzle Daily Digest. While, in the app you can also select from many other brands to subscribe to.

theSwizzle allows you to keep your email box for emails from your friends, family, etc. It is very customizable as users can choose when they do a scan of their email box and when they receive an update to their digests. theSwizzle is definitely a win-win for the consumer and the companies, as it allows us to discover new brands but without all the clutter and annoyance of a junk filled email box.

theSwizzle has raised approximately $43 million in funding and looks to be a promising application. Email support is limited to Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, and Now is a perfect time to start fresh in the new year and get rid off all that left over holiday email. Check out and give your inbox new life.