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Switchwords for health and what you should know about them

Switchwords used for health, are words that trigger the subconscious mind to a different state. For example, if uncomfortable about public speaking, the word ACT, gives courage.

Hang on wall and/or chant to relieve leg discomfort
Kat Miller/Blue Iris

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James Mangan, in his book, The Secret of Perfect Living, shares words he realize help access emotional states from the subconscious mind. Now, others have carried on with his research and we have switchwords for health.

How to use switchwords

There are several ways to use switchwords and quite often, more than one way is used for great benefit. The words may be chanted, charge water with them, or put several together and make into an energy circle that is hung on the wall. Writing them on the body is also effective.

Switchwords for health:

  • ADJUST: Creates balance in life. Also helps with uncomfortable or unpleasant conditions.
  • ALONE: Helps nurture or heal.
  • AROUND: Helps gain or improve perspective.
  • BE: Helps achieve peace and good health. Helps with good form and to dispel loneliness.
  • BLUFF: Rids nervousness or fear as well as increases imagination.
  • BOW: This helps reduce arrogant tendencies.
  • BRING: This is a manifestation Switchword and helps unite with goals, and finish what you started.
  • BUBBLE: Helps expand perceived limits and also for creating excitement and energy.
  • CANCEL: Eliminates negative thoughts and conditions.
  • CANCER: This zodiac sign is used to calm emotional distress and soften outlook.
  • CHANGE: Helps get rid of emotional and physical pain and also helps get something out of the eye.
  • CHARLTON HESTON: Keeps you mindful about posture so you stand straight and tall.
  • CIRCULATE: Helps end loneliness and helps with ease so you can mingle with people.
  • CLEAR: Helps dispel anger and resentment.
  • CONTINUE: Helps create or increase endurance for both physical and mental tasks.
  • COPY: Helps increase fertility.
  • COVER: Reduces nervousness
  • CRISP: Dispel fatigue, feel refreshed, revitalizes and brightens the mood.
  • LEARN: Act and be youthful; rejuvenate mind and soul.
  • LIGHT: Helps inspiration, lightens load or mood and stress reducer.
  • MOVE: Increases energy and eliminate tiredness.
  • OFF: Helpful to quit an unwanted habit and go to sleep.
  • POINT: Improve eyesight and focus, helps to make clear decisions.
  • SAVE: Helps to stop drinking alcohol and other unwanted habits.
  • SWIVEL: Relieves constipation and diarrhea.
  • TOGETHER: Master Switchword which helps master any activity and become single-minded. It’s considered the most powerful Switchword and brings heaven to earth.
  • UP: Helps elevate mood and defeat feelings of inferiority.
  • WOMB: Helps with feelings of being cuddled and safe.

When using switchwords for health, additional products, such as homeopathic medicine, flower essences and essential oils, work well with them. The effects are subtle but surprisingly effective and in tune with nature. Everything has a frequency including switchwords for health.

Source: Blue Iris Learning Center, the largest switchword database on the internet. Learn about energy circles and more.

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