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Switchwords for depression and negative thoughts

A unique use for switchwords is to replace negative thoughts with switchword phrases. This is especially true for replacing negative thoughts which impact health, such as depression.

Switchwords are placed in a design, similar to a mandala
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Consistently replacing negative thoughts with switchwords, will erase them after a period of time and can be used with cognitive therapy. They also replace emotions that go along with negative thoughts because emotions follow thoughts.

Dr. David Burns: Depression

Dr. David Burns,”Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy,” says depression can be overcome without medication. He calls it cognitive therapy which is a commitment to change thoughts.

Have you ever been in a bad mood and played music that made you happy? It's as easy as this. However, our thoughts are habitual so making a commitment to replacing them, over a period of time, changes neural passageways permanently.

Understanding switchwords

Using switchwords, in this regard, is a super-charged way of changing thought patterns. This is because switchwords are strong words the subconscious understands. The use of switchwords was discovered by James Mangan and others have contributed to their understanding since then.

So, by replacing habitual thoughts with switchwords, we are actually communicating with the subconscious. Eventually, the subconscious replaces negative thoughts by building new neural pathways.

Switchword replacement thoughts in conjunction with cognitive therapy:

  • To be fearless when talking to people: SWING-ACT
  • Jealousy: PRAISE-REJOICE
  • Let criticism roll off your back: REJOICE-DUCK
  • Inhibited: POSTPONE-OPEN
  • Worrying about what others think of you: QUIET-MASK
  • Unwanted thoughts about someone: TOGETHER-DIVINE-(person's name)
  • Inferiority complex-POSTPONE-UP
  • If you are being falsely accused: CRYSTAL-UNMASK
  • Humiliation: BOW-ELATE
  • Let go of grudges: POSTPONE-REVERSE
  • Lighten your mood: LIGHT-UP
  • Monkey Mind: QUIET
  • Tolerate someone around you: REACH-LIGHT
  • For confidence: ANCHOR-POINT
  • Calm down and reset boundaries: EASE-LIMIT
  • Accept and love something as it is: MAGNANIMITY-FORGIVE
  • Doubting: GO-DEDICATE
  • Dread: LOVE-WOMB
  • Claustrophobia: FOREVER-BLUFF
  • Forced to do something against your will: HORSE-GUARD
  • Maintain focus: REACH-POINT
  • Irritability: HO-LIGHT
  • To purge and cancel any unwanted and negative thoughts: PURGE-CANCEL

There are numerous ways to use switchword phrases and they may be used with cognitive therapy, homeopathy, flower essences and essential oils. They may be chanted, used in place of negative thoughts, in an energy circle (similar to mandalas) and/or charge water with them. Switchword phrases are unique to you and powerful for depression.

Source: Blue Iris Learning Center

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