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Switching to Verizon or upgrading, which phone should you choose

If you want the full view by comparing to the Droid 2, Droid Incredible, Droid X, Thunderbolt, iPhone 4, BB Curve, Droid Bionic, Droid Charge and LG Revolution
If you want the full view by comparing to the Droid 2, Droid Incredible, Droid X, Thunderbolt, iPhone 4, BB Curve, Droid Bionic, Droid Charge and LG Revolution
Alain Joseph

Whether you’re new to Verizon, coming back or it’s time to upgrade, I have a chart for you! Have you ever felt like you wanted to compare the BB Curve, iPhone 4, or Droids with the Thunderbolt, Bionic and Revolution? Well I have compiled all the data. It’s been hard but this is the most comprehensive list you will see anywhere.

Verizon's Mobile Juggernauts a comparison chart
Alain Joseph

If it’s battery power, processing power, size (size matters, LOL), and capabilities this chart covers it. I will let the chart speak for itself. Before you hit the chart, here are some definitions:

Resolution - For mobile phones this is measured in pixels (i.e. 5 MP). Generally, the higher the number of pixels the sharper the picture; however there are other factors which can give devices with lower pixels, a better picture. The importance of pixels is really in printing or posting. With a higher pixel level, printing pictures in a larger scale (than what is seen on your screen) will result in a better and sharper image. Recommendation - Opt for higher resolution. With a lower resolution you start on a bad foot and things can get worse.

Battery Power - The more mAh (milliampere-hour) the more power a battery will have. Now if all things are equal, the stronger battery will last longer. But we know each phone processes things differently and have different components, therefore a larger mAh may not last as long as a device with a smaller mAh. Recommendation - Opt in for higher battery power. If the phone manages power correctly you will really be ahead of the curve. (pay attention to talk time).

Processor - Dual Core vs. Single Core. A dual core processor means that a computer has more than one independent processor on the chip that can work seperate tasks at the same time. (For the non-technical , think about it this way - how much more could you do at the same time if your had two heads and four arms?) The processing power is thereotically doubled. When looking at processors you have to also pay attention Ghz; because higher Ghz also matter. Recommendation - if you are a gamer or heavy smartphone user (not just phone and text) you should probably get a dual core phone. (Note - On Tablets this should be a standard/necessity).

RAM - Is another factor that speeds up a computer/phone. RAM is random access memory, (generally referred to as main memory - or the memory available to programs). RAM adds fluidity and responsiveness when navigating through your phone or through screens. This and processor speeds are both important to power users. Recommendation - if you love apps, get the higher memory.

HDMI port - Helps you hookup your phone to your HD TV to watch video content.

DLNA - This is a new technology standard that links multiple devices (TV, phone, etc.) The acronym stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. 245 companies comprise the DLNA. With this you can "share" content easily with other DLNA compliant devices. Recommendation - Unless you keep your phone for a while or have many new electronics you may want to hold off on this.

Gorilla Glass - Get it! Get it! Let me say it again, Get it! It is used by 30 major brands and 350 product models. Let me put it to you this way, if you don't want to be like many iPhone users with cracked screens, you should buy a phone with Gorilla Glass. From Corning's site - Gorilla Glass features exceptional damages resistance to the scratches, drops and bumps of everyday use." Recommendation - Do I have to beat you over the head? - Get it!

Mobile Hotspot - Allows you to give internet access to other devices wirelessly.

Once you get an Android phone make sure you read my article on how to start and set up the phone for optimal performance. (When reading this you should access the article on a computer to easily set-up your phone.) You can find it here: I just got a new Android device, now what? Apps and more.

Be sure to also check out the Xoom vs. the iPad 2 here: Whether it’s iPad2 vs. Xoom, Verizon says Duh, Winning If you have questions or have topics you would like me to cover please email me, leave a comment, subscribe here or follow me on Twitter: @alainrj.


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