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Switching providers may save you money



Cell phones, most everyone has them and a lot of people might be overpaying. Do you need to save some money? This is an area that you might be able to save.

AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T Mobile are heard of every where you go. You watch television, you see a commercial. You listen to the radio and you hear the new deals. Read the newspaper and there are advertisements. It seems like that no matter where you go, you more than likely have run into some type of advertisement for one if not more of the companies listed above.

Did you know that there are several other companies out there, that are offering deals which are far less than these companies above?

Let’s start with Wal-Mart, this company seems to dabble in about every type of business that they can. On October 18, they launched their own mobile service called Straight Talk. There are two plans with no contracts. The first is a 1000 minute and 1000 texts for 30 dollars a month or they have an unlimited plan on minutes and texts for 45 dollars a month.

If you use less than 300 minutes per month, you might do much better with a prepaid plan where you buy minutes as you need them. has no roaming charges, no long distance charges, no monthly fees and has a flat 10 cents per minute for calls.

If you use more than 300 minutes per month and travel from time to time, consider either Metro PCS or Cricket. Both have plans that range from 25 dollars  to 50 dollars and offer unlimited calling with no contracts or overages. Difference in price points is based on how many features you want, such as texting, Web surfing and etc.

If you use your cell phone all the time, try Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile. Virgin Mobile offers a $49.99 per month unlimited calling plan, with no roaming charges and no contract. If you want texting or high-speed Internet, you'll pay an additional $10 per month for unlimited service for each. Boost Mobile's has a 50 dollar per month plan that already includes unlimited calling, texting and Web access (this even includes junk fees).

Remember, that when switching to a lower and cheaper plan means that you need to be willing to accept lower quality at that lower price. Make sure that you research before making your final decision about your cell provider and switching.

According to Nielsen Mobile studies of U.S. adults on individual cell phone contract plan, very few people use more than 1,000 minutes per month. The typical person clocks in at 790 minutes and pays an average monthly contract bill of 67 dollars.

Last but not least, can help people get out of their existing contract by trading it away to someone else. This works rather well, if you have a phone that everybody wants.



  • pepsi only 5 years ago

    You know, I hear this often enough but never get around to doing it. This time I am really going to re evaluate and do something. Thanks for the tip.