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'Switched at Birth': Will key couples survive the storms ahead?

Switched at Birth” left fans hanging on the edge of their seats after John’s (D.W. Moffett) shocking impromptu kiss with Jennice (Joey Lauren Adams). And, Bay (Vanessa Marano) just let Tank (Max Adler) down gently, dubbing him a “friend.” However, on Feb. 14 “Switched at Birthtweeted a preview clip to this week’s upcoming episode that shows Bay telling Mary-Beth she never thought she’d be “dating” a frat guy. Wait a minute, she just tried to kiss Emmett (Sean Berdy) and deleted an email from Ty (Blair Redford)! What is she doing?

Vanessa Marano plays Bay Kennish on ABC Family's 'Switched at Birth.'
Photo by Michael Loccisano

This is just one of several questions we have about the intriguing plot twists for our favorite SAB couples. Let’s explore the current problems looming in their increasingly complicated love lives which make us wonder if any of our favorite couples can survive the storms ahead.

John and Kathryn

D.W. Moffett and Lea Thompson continue to do a great job drawing us into John and Kathryn’s unconventional and often complex family life. Kathryn has always been the devoted wife and mother. Now, she may be experiencing a mid-life crisis and suddenly craves time on her own and new adventures.

Things haven’t been easy for this pair for a while now and John is clearly unhappy with Kathryn’s latest independent streak. Will they survive John’s betrayal in kissing Jennice? And, what will John think about Kathryn selling secrets of being a pro baseball wife for her upcoming book deal?

Plus, it appears in the preview clip that Regina (Constance Marie) tells Toby she saw John’s indiscretion. How will Toby react? Something tells us there will be a huge ripple effect of complications in the not-so-distant future. We’d better brace ourselves for hurricane Kennish ...

Toby and Nikki

Toby (Lucas Grabeel) and Nikki (Cassi Thomson) are newlyweds and Nikki left her groom to go on a mission trip. Now, she’s extending her stay (without telling Toby). Why didn't she tell Toby first? And, how will Toby cope with her extended absence? Do we sense some trust issues brewing between them? They say the first year marriage is the hardest. Will this young couple’s love be strong enough to bridge the distance between them?

Regina and Angelo

If anyone has endured ups and downs, it’s Regina and Angelo (Gilles Marini). They share two daughters and have a long and turbulent past between them. Angelo’s motivation has always seemed a little suspect, but, it appears like they are finally trying to make a go of it as a real couple.

But, money trouble can have devastating consequences for any couple. Both Regina and Angelo are starting new business ventures, and there’s not enough money for both. So, Regina sells her soul to her new, exclusive client for a business loan and Angelo is clearly stretching himself thin with his restaurant investment.

Will Regina’s new client cause an irrevocable rift between her and Angelo? And, is Angelo being totally honest about how he is using his settlement money? More importantly, is he taking too much of a risk by putting all of his money and trust in his new business partner?

Constance Marie and Gilles Marini have incredible onscreen chemistry and we can’t help but root for Regina and Angelo to succeed. They have such a dark past, though, and now their once-bright future is growing cloudier by the minute.

Bay and Tank

Former “Glee” star Max Adler has blended perfectly into the SAB landscape. So far, “nice guy” seems to be the best label for Tank. It’s obvious he’s got a crush on Bay, who clearly is in a very confused emotional state. She’s pining for Ty and at the same time, she’s jealous of Emmett’s online relationship and even kissed him!

We can’t help but feel sorry for an obviously smitten Tank. He’s already come to her rescue more than once. She seems grateful for his help and friendship, but tells him she only thinks of him as a friend.

The preview clip shows Bay telling Mary-Beth she never thought she’d date a “frat guy.” Uh oh. Did Bay have a genuine change of heart, or is she dating Tank in an attempt to bury her feelings for Ty and Emmett for good?

Something just doesn’t feel right about Bay plunging into something with Tank. We ultimately hope neither of them gets hurt too badly if she’s not being honest about her feelings and intentions.

Daphne and Campbell

Simple question: Is Daphne (Katie Leclerc) ever going to get it right with a guy?

After narrowly escaping the horrible mess with Jace, she’s got a crush on Campbell (RJ Mitte) and Jorge (David Castaneda) is obviously falling hard for her. Daphne and Jorge share a passionate kiss and then Campbell complicates matters by telling Daphne he’s broken up with his girlfriend.

So many hot men to choose from, what’s a girl to do?

To Daphne’s credit, she’s still young and young people make mistakes in love all the time. But the #TeamCampbell and #TeamJorge flags should be flying soon. We have no choice but to wait to see which hottie Daphne will ultimately choose.

“Switched at Birth” airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC Family. Click here for a local channel guide.

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