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'Switched at Birth' season 3 finale spoilers: Could Daphne end up in jail?

Vanessa Marano
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It is time for the season three finale of "Switched at Birth on ABC Family. Reports are already out that this show has been renewed for season four which means there is a big change it will end in a cliffhanger. On Sunday, Christian Today shared big spoilers about the finale and how it will all end this season.

This will be called "And Life Begins Right Away." It is time for graduation and moving on with their lives. The next season will be totally different considering none of them are in high school anymore. There is shocking news about Carlton and it looks like they could be trying to close it down again. This will make the graduation day not as happy as planned. They have done this story line before so they will have to change it up.

Travis will have a dream come true, but there is no reveal about what it will be. Daphne could end up in jail considering that she messed up and is still on probation. She is obviously scared about her future and what will end up happening to her.

Carter Matt also shared more spoilers about the season three finale. He shared a preview clip where they are at school. The teacher is explaining that they need to turn in their textbook to get a yearbook, but nobody is paying attention to her at all. It is the very last day of their senior year.

Daphne is on her laptop and working on her speech for graduation. Hopefully nothing will mess up her chance to walk across the stage and graduate with her classmates. Travis walks in and shares the news that they are planning to close Carlton again and this time for good. Don't miss the season three finale of "Switched at Birth" on August 18 on ABC Family.

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