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Switch things up with a new Spring hairstyle

Messy braids are just one of the trending hairstyles this Spring season

The time has come (at last) for some much-needed spring-cleaning and rejuvenation after the freezing cold, brutal winter that has finally come to pass. If you haven’t already done so, take some time in the coming weeks to do some spring-cleaning – not only around the house, but also for yourself. De-stressing and performing some mental spring-cleaning is a great way to gear up for a productive spring/summer season and restore your inner Zen. A great way to do this is by way of a spring makeover. Whether you give your wardrobe an update, start wearing a bold new lipstick or change up your hairstyle, it only takes one small change to make you feel like a whole new person!

Perhaps the easiest way to make over your look is with a new hairstyle, and we’ve got a few looks that are trending this spring season that you should definitely consider.

A few things we are noticing for long hairstyles are curls, braids and side-swept styles. Many styles start with a 1¼-inch curling iron or wand, which is used to curl each section of your entire head. For a funky braid, curl and braid your hair starting with an angled, traditional French Braid that starts at one ear and ends at the other. You can even consider finishing the rest of the braid with a fishtail or reverse fishtail. After you finish the braid, use a rat-tail comb to loosen it, and even pull a lock of hair out toward the braid’s end to add a messy, foxy look. For a softer, curlier look, simply run your fingers through hair that has been curled with a 1¼-inch curling iron to separate the curls. From there, you can basically incorporate curls, waves or braids into any long hairstyle and you’ll be set!

For those of you with medium length hair, you too can look forward to adding curly styles into a new look. The curly styles that are popular this spring are all very basic and easy to do. Shoulder length hair should be curled with either a curling wand or any sized round brush. Depending on the look you are going for, you can run your fingers through curled hair. Curl your hair with different sized brushes and rollers, or even curl the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair. If you are looking to cut your hair to a medium length, consider a long bob with soft waves!

Last but not least are the most anticipated short hairstyles for this spring season. As with long and medium length hair, curls are also in for short hairstyles – but in this case it’s a 1950s pinup girl-style. If you are looking to rock a short hairstyle without the curls, cropped cuts with a longer fringe add a very feminine look to a short cut, while also offering a bit more versatility to style the look in a few different ways.

No matter which of these styles you pick this spring, you are sure to be rocking the trendiest of looks. Are you daring enough to chop your hair completely and go for an entirely new look?

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