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“Swiss cheese pervert” pleads guilty to harassment and indecent exposure

Swiss Cheese Pervert pleads guilty
Swiss Cheese Pervert pleads guilty

A 42-year old man accused of indecently propositioning unsuspecting women in Mayfair, Philadelphia plead guilty of indecent exposure on June 19th 2014. Christopher Pagano was arrested and charged for indecent exposure and harassment of unsuspecting female victims. He pleaded guilty in a Philadelphia court for flashing unsuspecting women and offering money for them to indulge in his sexual insinuations according to USA Today.

The man known for his “Swiss cheese fetish” was arrested for his crimes against four unsuspecting women and later charged in a Philadelphia court. He was charged with indecent exposure, harassment, stalking and lewdness. He pleaded guilty to two rounds of indecent exposure and four rounds of harassment.

The sexual deviant, popularly known in the social media as the Swiss cheese pervert has been terrorizing the Mayfair, Philadelphia neighbourhood for a long time. He acquired the rather dramatic nickname because during his mischievous escapades he used Swiss cheese to suggest sexually to unsuspecting women. He was caught severally holding a sizable piece of Swiss cheese while partly undressed in his car and covering his genitals with the slice of dairy.

Word of his disreputable behavior came out in a viral photograph posted on Mayfair Town Watch Facebook page. In the rather blurry picture, he was shown holding a slice of the dairy product with his trousers slightly lowered and the cheese covering his genitals. He had been arrested some time before for a similar deviant behavior. He has yet been identified as the man in the Mayfair Town Watch Facebook page picture. In this picture, he was trouser less, smiling and bearing a piece of cheese in his hands.

It turned out that this was not his first time indulging in such sexual and notorious behavior. Allegedly, this Swiss cheese pervert had an online dating profile where he sought out women who would willingly humor his sexual innuendos.

The Norristown deviant man was arrested in January following reports by three women of a mischievous man driving up to them and offering to pay them for putting cheese on his genitals. They three victims also present during his sentencing along with a fourth victim who later came forward, claimed that he harassed them and asked them to perform various lewd acts.

Several victims were able to make a recording and take snapshots of the Swiss cheese pervert brandishing cheese while in his scandalous acts.

In a plea deal that saw two charges withdrawn, he pleaded guilty to indecent exposure and harassment. Four victims had stepped forward as witnesses and the pervert was ordered to stay away from them. The plea deal involved his admitting to two charges and two other charges being withdrawn. The withdrawn charges were stalking and open lewdness.

He pleaded guilty at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office where he was ordered to stay away from the four victims present. A statement was read from the DA’s office and one Pagano was sentenced to eight months in probation under the supervision of the Sex Offenders Unit.

In addition to the eight months probation ,The sentence also ordered him to undergo treatment. He was ordered to attend sex offender counselling.