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'Swiss Cheese Pervert' arrested, but back on streets after posting bond

The "Swiss Cheese Pervert" was arrested by Philadelphia and Norristown police Thursday after a year-long investigation. Cops arrested the 41-year-old man for allegedly offering women money to perform sexual acts on him, topped with Swiss cheese.

Christopher Pagano, aka the 'Swiss Cheese Pervert', allegedly snapped in an a photo as he approached an unknown women to proposition her with dairy products. images

The "Swiss Cheese Pervert", now identified as Christopher Pagano of Norristown, posted bond early this morning and was released, according to NBC10 Philadelphia on Friday Jan. 17.

Pagano posted 10 percent of $30,000 bail early Friday after being arraigned on stalking, indecent exposure and harassment charges.

The 41-year-old has been said to drive up to women and ask them if they would like to get paid to watch him put Swiss cheese on his genitals.

"He was a weirdo", neighbor Rae Dean told NBC10, adding, "He used to come outside in his underwear with no shirt".

The local Mayfair Town Watch first broke the story last week, publishing photos showing a heavyset male driver approaching women while wearing no pants, and dangling a piece off cheese over his exposed genitals.

One woman commented on the group's Facebook page that the suspect has been "doing stuff like this for years", according to USA Today.

Another woman who claims she was approached by the suspect talked about her experience. She said he told her he liked to put Swiss cheese on his private area.

All cheesy puns aside, authorities point out the serious nature of the crimes. "Some people think this is a joke", said Milt Martelack of the Mayfair Town Watch. "But it's no laughing matter".

Martelack noted that this is not just a crime local to Mayfair, as this guy has been doing this all over the place. "I'd characterize his acts as very disturbing", he said.

Obviously authorities agree since they launched they're own investigation into the allegations and made an arrest in the case.

Victim Priscilla, who wished to withhold her last name, agrees. "What if he said that to a minor?", she asked.

Any act of perversion or deviant sexual behavior needs to be looked at very closely. What may appear somewhat benign on the surface may be hiding a much more sinister underbelly.

Both Martelack and Priscilla agree on one thing, they think Pagano needs to be taken off the streets, and this situation taken more seriously.

Pagano is due back in court on the charges next month.

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