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Swiss Cheese perv sought by cops

The Swiss Cheese perv in action
The Swiss Cheese perv in action
Public domain

Police are asking women in the Northeast Philadelphia region to be on the lookout for a middle aged man who is cruising the neighborhoods of Mayfair, Torresdale and surrounding areas. He is naked from the waist down. He approaches females and offers to pay them to watch him put Swiss Cheese on his privates. One of those approached snapped the photo and put it on the internet.

This man drives a new model car.It is not known if he has approached younger girls about this . Philly police would like to get him before he does something even more stupid than what he is already doing, or before someone takes the law into their own hands.

The man had been trying to find women who would do this with him on dating sites such as OK Cupid. Some one has even launched a Twitter. account with his name. It is apparent that this guy has a fetish with cheese, which is okay. Driving around naked ,propositioning women to watch you do an American Pie with a slice of Swiss is a criminal act.