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Swirlr encourages and matches those interested in interracial dating

Swirlr has gone international!
Swirlr has gone international!
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With all of the racial tensions surrounding things like the Cheerio's commercials and blended family ad's it can become discouraging to think how much of the worlds population is still stuck in a racial divide, and then something amazing comes along like "Swirlr".

Swirlr is a dating site that actually is set up for and encourages interracial dating, and it has gone international! This is great news for people who are searching for proof that times are changing.

A lot of people believe that dating diversely is fine, and more people than you think are up for the challenge.

This site features free chat rooms, and it is for anyone looking passed color to find their soul mate. Otherwise stated it is for "singles who choose character above culture and color."

Also, there will soon be an online reality show that is encouraging single people to "date differently." It can be found on YouTube, and this is a way of challenging others to think outside of the box.

This show will be hosted by's Christelyn Karazin. Karazin is also author of the popular book, "Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race, Culture, and Creed." It will be a match making series.

America is changing and diversity is in despite the few that are still stuck in the ways of old. The world is not as big as it once was thanks to modern technology, and limiting yourself in the love category according to race seems to be a real injustice to self.

Even with the majority agreeing that it is time to wake up from the dark ages and get with the times, there are many in opposition of such a site.

The trending questions here are, " why not live and let live, and who other than God gets to judge?"

You can go check out the Swirlr webpage or like them on Facebook.

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