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Swinton Counseling: When grief overwhelms, these tips can help

Swinton Counseling: When grief overwhelms, these tips can help
Swinton Counseling: When grief overwhelms, these tips can help
Swinton Counseling

"Tears are the silent language of grief," Voltaire once said.

Of all life's experiences, grief can be the most deep, debilitating, and life-changing.

How to cope? And not just cope, but grow, feel, reach out, and recover?

In a heartfelt post at Swinton Counseling's web site, Tenille Jensen, MMFT, Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, offers several tips on understanding grief.

It's especially helpful advice for people experiencing loss.

"Have you experienced a loss and it feels that no one understands your grief, including yourself at times?" asks the author. "You are not alone. Many who have experienced a loss feel alone and often confused about what they are feeling."

The tips provide ways for people to begin to understand their feelings and tears, and to cope with them in life-affirming ways.

Jensen also advises grieving people to "know their limits."

"Grieving can be an exhausting process and understanding your physical and emotional limits is important," reads the post. "You may need to delegate some of your responsibilities at this time. Many people want to help at the time of a loss but don’t know how so don’t be afraid to let others know what you need."

Dealing with the ups and downs of grief can make a person feel like he or she is on an emotional roller coaster. Feeling able to smile and laugh one moment and moved to cry the next is normal. Swinton Counseling's advice: "Embrace your emotions -- laugh when you need to and cry when you need to -- because both can be healing."

No two people are exactly alike. As a result, everyone grieves differently -- it's a personal and unique experience (Not surprisingly, Swinton Counseling lets grief-stricken individuals know that "there is no right way to grieve").

What is one way to get help? Jensen encourages people who need help to reach out. Feeling alone or misunderstood can compound the pain of grief. Often, talking about loss with family and friends can help. And reaching out to a skilled counselor can be a wise step to take when one is feeling alone or misunderstood.

To read more about issues related to grief and loss from the Salt Lake City, Utah-based specialists at Swinton Counseling, visit

Swinton Counseling offers comprehensive counseling services to couples, families, and individuals. Its website also offers helpful articles as well as free weekly relationship tips.

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