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Swine flu spiking in Germany, 21 deaths in Costa Rica

A cruise ship anchored in a French port with swine flu cases aboard
The cruise ship "Voyager of the Seas", carrying dozens of victims of the H1N1 virus among its 5000 passengers and crew, is seen anchored in the bay of Villefranche sur Mer, southeastern France, Friday, July 31, 2009. A French official says about 60 crew members on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship have been diagnosed with swine flu and confined to their cabins while the ship is in a French port. (AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau)

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control Thursday reported 879 newly-confirmed cases of swine flu in Germany in the previous 24 hours, bringing that nation’s total number of H1N1 cases to 5,324. That’s the second most in Europe, behind only the 11,159 confirmed cases in the United Kingdom.

The swine flu has been blamed for 30 deaths in the UK, where officials believe the actual number of H1N1 infections is far higher than the official total. So far, no deaths in Germany have been attributed to the swine flu. The only European deaths from swine flu outside the UK have occurred in Spain (6), Belgium (1), and Hungary (1).

Central and South America

The ECDC reported 21 swine flu deaths in Costa Rica, the most in Central America. El Salvador and Guatemala each have reported nine deaths. With 668 confirmed cases of the illness, Costa Rica also has the highest case total in Central America.

In South America, Argentina has reported 165 deaths attributed to the swine flu. The virus has spread throughout the continent with every country reporting statistics now showing deaths from the disease. Chile continues to have the most confirmed cases on the continent with 11,641. There have been 79 deaths in Chile blamed on the swine flu.

Asia and Pacific

Thus far, Thailand appears to be the hardest hit Asian country by swine flu. There have been 8,879 confirmed H1N1 cases in the country and 65 deaths. No other Asian nation is in double digits for swine flu deaths. The Phillipines have reported eight deaths among the 2,668 cases of swine flu in that nation.

Australia has reported 21,109 cases of H1N1 infections with 58 deaths. The death toll in New Zealand from swine flu now stands at 13.


The African continent remains relatively free of swine flu concerns. Most of the problems in South Africa, for example, where it is now winter, continue to be with seasonal flu. There have been 151 confirmed H1N1 cases in the country, the most in Africa.
No deaths have been reported from swine flu cases on the continent.

North America

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta have stopped counting the number of confirmed cases of H1N1 in the United States. Instead, the CDC is now providing the number of hospitalized cases (5,514) in the country and the number of deaths (353). The number of deaths increased by 51 over the past week.

According to ECDC figures, there have been 16,019 H1N1 cases confirmed in Mexico with 142 deaths. Canada reported 10,449 cases and 58 deaths.

The Illinois Department of Public Health today reported 3,425 confirmed and probable cases of swine flu in the state. That was just 21 more cases than reported last week. The death toll in Illinois remained steady at 17.

IDPH notes that the total case figures do not represent the entire incidence of swine flu in the state because laboratory testing is not being done for patients with mild illness. The department adds that the vast majority of H1N1 cases in the state remain mild.


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  • Lia 5 years ago

    I would not take chances with this new H1N1 virus. I am a nurse and reading these stories of young adults and children dying are alarming. They are saying that in almost every case there is an underlying health condition. I serously doubt that is true, how many people do you know in the their 30's, 20's and younger that have serious enough medical conditions to kill them from the flu. It is the flu itself that is killing them. They just do not want to alarm the American public in the wake of our already shaky economy. Community acquired MRSA and other resistant bacteria are in many cases what is killing the young people. That and also not being able to withstand the damage this virus does to the lungs. People should beware and take notice, it will get bigger.