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Swimsuit Short Set for Tomboys by Rehmih Mihreh™


Everyone has a different type of style. For women that don't wear bikinis and bathing suits. Here's the alternative. It's a swimsuit, it's a short set. Perfect for anyone who does not prefer to be exposed. Here are Kim Hall's thoughts: Help me help you by supporting this Kickstarter campaign. Rehmih Mihreh's brand of men's style women's wear is comfortable, stylish and affordable. If you like this you will love the other designs just waiting for funding. Let's make this happen and fill the void in women's wear.

This brand takes the fashion of him and makes it for her. Rehmih Mihreh is brand where you will never see any butterflies, rainbows, pink, lace, teddy bears, hearts, unicorns or any other of the whimsical icons synonymous with women's clothing.

I enjoy the beach but get so tired of wearing a big cotton tee in the water because it weighs you down and never dries. So, I wanted to make a SWIMSUIT/SHORT SET. This can be worn to the beach as a short set and then you can jump right into the water and it is now a swimsuit.

Perks include swim sets, totes, and hats!