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‘Swimsuit Barbie causes a stir’

Swimsuit Barbie

Folks from the legendary toy making company Mattel and Sports Illustrated have campaigned to put Barbie on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine’s 50th anniversary issue. By the way, what is her secret? Forget being over the age of 50, Barbie does not look a day over 21, still turning heads and the chick has tongues wagging. No, Barbie is not just another pretty face either. She also has a figure envied by many and that is what has tongues wagging today. Truth be told, Barbie’s physique is no different than any other supermodel that have graced the covers of SI. There is one thing though. She is plastic! All plastic.

Barbie is doll. She is not nor should she be the catalyst to draw women and young girls into depression or eating disorders. We all can’t be swimsuit cover models. Leave the envy to her peers like Baby Alive who will never reach puberty or anyone of those Cabbage Patch Kids. This is not the first time Barbie has found herself the topic of scorn or controversy. There was even a publicity stunt breakup with Ken a while back. Who was she going to date next, GI Joe? Let’s face it. The pickings are slim in doll world. However, in the real world, you are free to date real people and live healthy lifestyles.

So what is Barbie’s secret? She is not real. She will be eternally slim and pretty. For all the real people…be happy.

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