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Swimming in the light of the Full Moon

Our past survives through the energy we provide it and the strength we give it.  The past is there for everyone to re-experience and it is there for us to accept.  Forgiveness allows us to move on.
Our past survives through the energy we provide it and the strength we give it. The past is there for everyone to re-experience and it is there for us to accept. Forgiveness allows us to move on.

As the air turns crisp cool breezes toward our warm tanned summer bodies, we are reminded that fall is close approaching. On September 19, 2013 we have visible to us the Fall Harvest Full Moon. The Harvest Moon is a predecessor to the Fall Equinox which will take place on September 22, 2013. This Full Moon is in the astrological sign of Pisces and sits in the 12th house. Fall is a time to reap what we have grown and while sharing our plentiful harvest. Fall starts the process of shedding abundance and dimming daylight which guides us toward our retreat to the inside for the winter. With the full moon in the mystical emotional waters of Pisces, we can expect some feelings to emerge from the fantasy images and secrets we have been storing inside.

Reflecting and harvesting emotions in the full moon.

The 12th house of the zodiac wheel is a place that unties the self from itself. This is a place where we may be unconsciously/ subconsciously moving our emotional bodies through waters of memories past or from our past lives which lead us to the way of our lessons in this lifetime. The 12th house is also about secrecy, retreat, seclusion and reflection toward our own personal truth. Pisces is the 12th and final sign in the zodiac sphere; the Harvest Full Moon is resting in the zodiac’s 12th house, with this in mind, we can sense the finality of these two forces coming together to create an expansion, reflection and releasing that bares our Self to ourselves.

When we examine ourselves through archetypes and astrological influences we discover that we are part of a creation much more vast than humanity; we are a universe within a universe. We are energized by every planet in our solar system. We are impacted monthly by the changeable moon that visits through each sign in the zodiac every 2.33 days. We are actually influenced by the Full Moon’s power 3 days before and 3 days after its completion to her cycle. We can examine how the moon’s energy and the astrological sign it is moving through bring together a symbolic meaning and potential purpose for this touchy 6 day journey.

How will you be exposed this full moon?

Pisces is one of three astrological water signs. Pisces explores the unknown waters of the ocean through dream casting and fantasy play. Like diving into the deep dark oceans this territory is obscured and mysterious. The sign of Pisces feels through their world and senses answers to life’s questions through intuition and sudden hunches. There is a dark shadowy side to Pisces that gets moody and fluctuates like the moon being emotional and erratic. Pisces’ also has a spiritual element to its influence and takes intangible knowledge to create practical wisdom for daily life. Pisces and the moon generate flows of emotions from the unconscious connection to the past. When Pisces is fueling the Full Moon we are to look within, boundless to any ending, toward all our fantasies and fears. We are to find realizations in personal truth through something akin to, virtual reality.

Think of our mind as a place where we can imagine anything. Now go deeper into our thoughts and swim toward some secret or guilty feeling that keeps us imprisoned and blinds us from living fully. Open up to the image it projects and the feeling that it bestows. Perhaps this is not a time of understanding but just of breath and forgiveness for what has transpired. When we constantly approach our past with a sense of needing to know we can only remain in what feels like an undertow as we get stuck in the logic of what we believe was just or unjust. Sometimes there is a comfort in having a dark secret as we have this place that knows us like no other. We can retreat to this place we consider to be us, yet our intention with this Full Moon is to unearth the truth of how this relates to our life now. Are we the same person we were when this secret or guilt was first birthed? Has this just become silently spoken internal dialogue that we believe to be true because we keep telling ourselves so?

Many times we are kept in seclusion by delusion. We begin to tell ourselves stories that play out in our virtual world. These stories stem from past experiences and opinions from others. Our downfall happens when we start to believe them to be real. We get stuck in roles like judge, persecutor and sinner. We typecast ourselves into a character that causes heavy criticism and punishes the Self while projecting this self-defeating mechanism into our outer lives and attracting like kind experiences and relationships to foster our make-believe truth.

What we have created, metaphorically is a wash cycle with no rinse; a soapy spinning mess. We try to hang ourselves out-to-dry but until we let go of the heaviness weighted by thoughts and negative beliefs, we remain unwound and unable to move on. The entanglement is what we are called to release now; the bondage of thought versus, reality.

Who could we be today by shedding the old stories from the past?

Jumping out of our virtual reality (illusion created by false thoughts and beliefs) we bring into focus the, now. Everyone has a past with shadows that creates grey scale images; a lingering memory scattered with half-truths and feelings of “should-of-have” pain. We can’t remove the past completely, but we can forgive our continual trespasses.

Letting go of shame, guilt or control can free the Self from the falsehoods that profess we are less than perfection. Realize that we harbor toxic like waste from memories when we choose to send these painful events or circumstances into our personal abyss and not deal with them properly. A suggestion to journal these feelings can be helpful but sometimes the secret or pain is so buried that a professional might be needed to help break the dams and open the channels that have been proverbially drowning our spirits.

This Pisces Full Moon provides the perfect current to swim, not sink, as it brings light friction and swift movement to enhance our ability to upwell truth from the inside, not floating fiction. Tread gently in these waters and know that the heavenly maiden, Mother Moon, is watching and helping facilitate our healing as she absorbs our emotions and transforms them back into forward moving unconditional love.

This Full Moon gives us an opportunity to create positive change by releasing old patterns of thought and behavior into her generous and healing light which will be illuminating the horizon come twilight. The time is now to look within our own virtual reality game that we have been playing in our mind and cut the scenes or repair the film that does not honor us in this moment. If possible, we are to sit by a body of water this evening and release the memories and beliefs that are keeping our lives chained and bound to the past. Here is where we can write down what we are feeling we really want to forgive and forget. Take that piece of paper and tear it up into as many pieces as we would like and disperse it into the flowing waters. Meditate on peace in our hearts and the hearts of others; find the peace that exists within the oneness of all. Bring back to our awareness the purpose of ritual and the intention of being present to our reality. Enjoy this process of detoxification and expansion into true life.

Happy Harvest Full Moon!

Love Courageously! Just LOVE

Love Exposed

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