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Swimming suits...get them while they are cheap

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If stores do still have swimming suits on clearance anymore, they are going to be dirt cheap. Take it from me. I bought six bottoms (hey, I’ll find tops another time) for about 40 cents each at Dillards outlet store at Regency mall. It might be a little drive from the beaches area, but it’s worth it. Some other stores I’ve seen that are still retaining their swimwear:


Swimwear can be found both in the clearance section, at ridiculously marked down prices (50 to 75 percent off), to the regularly-priced section of the floor.


I’ve seen a couple stores still clinging onto a rack of leftover suits.

AJ Wright/TJ Max

As of a couple weeks ago, these stores had a few highly discounted options left.

Of course, the Jacksonville Beach shops off First St. are always loaded, and they probably have their sales too.