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Swimming safety supported by Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

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During summertime, a favorite activity or pursuit is that of swimming. Given how hot it can be, a dip in the pool can provide a cool, refreshing, and recreational way to beat the heat (and no, we're not talking about that team in Miami, as San Antonio already has that situation handled).

However, with such fun activity comes the need for proper instruction. Far too often, we read about cases of someone who is not able to swim or is not able to negotiate the water currents. Ranging from a swimming pool, a river, a lake, or even the ocean, sometimes, people young and old get caught up and caught out there unprepared, and as a result, there are far too many cases of injury or death.

This coming Friday, one of the area chapters of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., is partnering with one of metro Atlanta's top universities, as a way to minimize the risk of swimming accidents, along with providing quality instruction for multiple segments of the community. On July 11th between 5-8pm, members of the community are invited to participate in the Swoop's Swim Safe Clinic at the campus of Emory University at the Woodruff PE Center (also known as "The Woodpec" at 600 Asbury Circle in Atlanta).

Serving the North Atlanta metro area, the Iota Zeta Sigma Chapter (North Atlanta Alumnae) of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. is serving as the community partner with the university. As part of their Southeastern Region's "Swim 1922 Tour", there are clinics available for multiple age groups and demographics. USA Swimming, Coca-Cola, and Emory Alliance, are also supporters of the clinic.

Parent-tot (for children under 3 years old), youth (up to age 16 and at least 42" [3 feet, 6 inches] tall), and adult (ages 17 and older) are the age groups for the clinic. Participation in the clinic is free, but there are limited spaces for all age groups. To register as well as placement for the waiting list (if spaces are full or taken), you are encouraged to do so online as soon as possible (register HERE).

Operating under the slogan of "Greater Service, Greater Progress", the swimming clinic is one of a number of service-oriented programs the North Atlanta Alumnae Chapter does throughout the year. Since their establishment on March 24, 2001, the chapter's programming aligns with their larger national and international platforms focusing on providing leadership, service, and resources grounded in the improved welfare of all people. Instead of sitting idly by given some of the recent and recurring areas of concern related to swimming and water safety, the chapter's partnering with the Emory University Athletic Department is another example of the proactive service and outreach provided.

This Friday provides an opportunity for individuals and others in the community to "swoop in" and learn something that not only can improve the kinds of exercise and recreational activities to improve one's quality of life, but do so as soundly as possible; swimming safely is certainly something that can benefit many during this time of the year and in the future.

Get your swim on in as safe a manner as possible this Friday!