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Swimming pools-fun or family nightmare!

party time
party time
Photo by Gabe Ginsberg

Swimming pools and relaxation.

Summer rimes with vacation for millions of kids and adults alike; regardless of age and social background. With temperatures reaching 95 to 98 degree Fahrenheit, it is a delight to refresh oneself and cool off just by being in a pool. Hot and humid days are part of July and August. The DC Department of parks and recreation aquatic division provides residents and visitors to the District with safe, well-maintained aquatic facilities. These accommodations offer diverse programs and a comprehensive scope of water related activities.

Water magic.

Under a clear blue sky, everyone in the family will certainly enjoy water lapses and games at any outdoor public or private swimming pool. Water is the best way to cool off during these hot, humid and muggy summer months. The health benefits are well known for relieving inflammation caused by arthritic conditions. Water is also used to help different injuries and many aquatic aerobic exercises may help to reduce weight.

Swimming pools and your safety. Unknown hazards.

Pollutants in treated swimming pools.

Swimming pools are enjoyed not only in the summer but year round; especially by the elderly or those that need some type of water therapy or exercise. But everyone should be aware that this is a place of continuously released toxic contaminants.

Disinfection is often done with chlorine. Chlorine emits by-products like trihalomethanes and chloramines to site a few.

From swimmers comes sweat, hair, skin cell releases. Moreover there is the issue of fibers and dust from swimsuit. Consumer products like Cosmetics and sunscreens contain chemicals like titanium dioxide and other toxins. Residues from these dangerous quickly deteriorate water quality.

Unhygienic behavior of bathers increases the release of nitrogen compounds. No pre-swim shower, ammonia from urea and other residues aggravates the water quality.

Many components contribute to an unhealthy aquatic environment despite the constant monitoring for bacterias.

Complaints-common list.

  • Skin irritation.
  • Throat and eyes burning.
  • Respiratory symptoms.
  • Allergenic reactions such as rash or scratching
  • Cancer link is still controversial.

Water is life. The benefits of using a swimming pool regularly for relaxation and health are immeasurable. Just use precaution and common sense.

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