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Swimming Pool Pizza Garden

Growing a pizza garden in a child's swimming pool
Growing a pizza garden in a child's swimming pool
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The vegetable growing season is cranking into high gear and it is time to get your plants and seeds into the ground. But what if you don’t have “ground” to start your garden? Starting a patio garden using a child’s swimming pool may be just the right solution.

To start you will need a small, rigid child’s swimming pool, available at department stores or home improvement centers. You will need to cut or drill some drainage holes into the bottom to keep your plants from becoming waterlogged during a rain shower.

After you place your pool in its permanent location – it needs to be in an area that gets at least six hours of sun each day – you need to fill with soil. It is best not to use soil from your yard unless it has been greatly amended. It is best to use purchased soil appropriate for container gardens.

To design a pizza garden, you will need to divide the pool into eight sections or “slices”. You will be planting your vegetables into each slice. Here is an example of a simple garden:

• 3 slices with Roma tomatoes or another beefy type tomato.
• 1 slice with sweet peppers
• 1 slice with hot peppers
• 1 slice with onions
• 1 slice with eggplants
• 1 slice with cauliflower
• Interplant a few herbs in each slice

You can plant your favorite pizza vegetables, according to your family’s taste.

Check your garden each day to determine watering needs. Since container gardens dry out more quickly than those planted in the ground, during the hottest days of summer, you may have to water once a day. You can apply an organic fertilizer according to directions, or simply water the garden with compost tea.

This is a great garden idea to plan and create with children. They will have fun watching the plants grow and picking the vegetables, and they will love eating the pizza.

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