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Swimmer's death: Suicide of swimmer Sasha Menu Courey leads to investigation

The death of Menu Courey is being investigated after she committed suicide in Missouri.
The death of Menu Courey is being investigated after she committed suicide in Missouri.
Wikimedia Commons User Danielle Keller

A swimmer's death is back in the news on Wednesday (Jan. 29). Sasha Menu Courey committed suicide in 2011 and the swimmer's death is still being investigated. According to a report from Yahoo! News, a police investigation is now underway into the claims that she was raped by as many as three University of Missouri football players in February 2010. The claim is that the sexual assault eventually led to her committing suicide 16 months later.

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The case is back in the news as the University of Missouri reports it is making extensive efforts to reduce sexual violence on campus. A report from CNN on Tuesday (Jan. 28) asks the question about whether the school covered up the rape though. That claim stems from Courey meeting with a rape crisis counselor and her parents claims that she also spoke with a campus nurse and a campus doctor about the alleged assault. No investigation took place at the time and it was just a few months later that she took her own life.

The school is claiming ignorance in what led up to the swimmer's death and claims that it didn't do anything wrong. This is despite the school having possession of a conversation between Courey and a rape counselor. A letter was then sent to her parents from the school, asking them if they should investigate the matter. Responding to the claims of a letter going out, Courey's father (Mike Menu) stated, "We did not feel supported in this letter. This letter was a check-the-boxes letter and, really to be honest, it did not deserve a response."

An independent investigation is now taking place into what happened to Sasha Menu Courey and whether she actually received the help she was looking for from campus doctors and counselors.

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