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Swimmer's death: Sasha Menu Courey's rape investigated

Sasha Menu Courey
Sasha Menu Courey

Sasha Menu Courey was allegedly raped by as many as three football players in February 2010. The crime allegedly happened off-campus near the University of Missouri, according to Yahoo! News’ sports division on Wednesday.

Courey’s parents are saying that the University of Missouri and the athletics department at the school should have done more by investigating Sasha’s rape. It is now that a police investigation is taking place.

Officials at the University assert that they did not know about the alleged rape until the young college woman committed suicide some 16 months after the incident. Though the University claim they did what was necessary to be within the law, the University’s Board of Curators moved to hire a law firm to review the way the University handled the Courey incident. They made that decision on Wednesday.

There is a move across the country to make schools safer for persons to avoid sexual harassment and assaults. There is a new federal task force on college sex assault to respond to the claim that one-in-five females are assaulted while attending college yet only one-in-eight ever report those attacks. The White House has referred to the assaults as a public health epidemic.