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Swimmer's death: Missouri hires outside firm to investigate student suicide

Swimmer's death: Missouri hires outside firm to investigate student suicide.
Swimmer's death: Missouri hires outside firm to investigate student suicide.
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Swimmer's death to be investigated by an outside law firm hired by Missouri school. The suicide of student Sasha Menu Courey, 20, will be reviewed by a firm hired by the University of Missouri. According to KCTV 5 Kansas City on Jan. 30, the school claims that it did not know about her alleged rape attack until after her death.

The nine-member governing board voted late Wednesday to approve system President Tim Wolfe's request for an independent legal inquiry in the case.

Swimmer's death inquiry is expected to have a report created by the next board meeting on April 11, although no firm has been selected yet. The school's board feels that they adhered to the law and neither knew about the alleged attack nor were able to interview the victim as she had already committed suicide.

The Swimmer's death has bee referred to the Columbia, MS police at this point in time. According to a diary entry shared with ESPN, a member of the Mizzou football team raped Courey in 2010. She tried to get help from the school's rape crisis hotline and health officials at the school. The university was not required to report the incident at that time.

Swimmer's death raises questions about university procedures that are not unique to Mizzou. A school should be required to report all incidents of crime to local authorities immediately so that they may be investigated by professionals.

Many law enforcement agencies are required to share their crime reports and statistics with the public. This could both help make other students aware of crimes at their schools and assist in getting students to come forward and share information that may aid in the solving of crimes like the swimmer's death.

What do you think about the swimmer's death story? Please drop in your comments below.

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