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Swimmer's death: Claim of rape resulting in student suicide never probed?

Swimmers death: University of Missouri president wants investigation opened.
Swimmers death: University of Missouri president wants investigation opened.
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A swimmer’s death put college campus sex assaults in the spotlight and this is a subject that a university president is not willing to let fall by the wayside. The 2011 death of Sasha Menu Courey, who committed suicide after she reported that she was sexually assaulted by football players, is a case that Tim Wolfe, the president of the University of Missouri highlighted for reporters yesterday.

According to ABC News on Jan. 29, Wolfe reported that he has a daughter who is a college athlete before referring to Courey's death. He told reporters:

"One of our students is dead. And I don't want to feel that anymore."

Courey excelled at her chosen sport when attending the university on a scholarship in 2009. It was the following year that something went very wrong. Courey killed herself and it was believed that she did so after being raped by a few of the University's college football players. This was not known by her parents until after Courey's death, according to CNN.

People told Courey's parents that she had written about the rape in her journal. It was also suggested that the university knew about this assault. Now the president of the University wants an independent report done on what actually did happen and how much of this event the university officials knew about.

Courey was out drinking and she went home with a college football player and had consensual sex. Then another football appeared, locked the door and raped her, this is what Courey wrote in her journal. She also told this to a crisis counselor and the campus nurse and doctors, but not until 11 months after the assault occurred. An investigation was never launched by the University.

The school’s handling of Courey’s sexual assault claims and the way they handled her later suicide is something that Wolfe wants investigated. He is requesting that an independent report be done on both events that Courey experienced as a result of being a student at that school, the alleged rape and her eventual suicide.

Coming from the father of a daughter who is a college freshman, Wolfe has the unique prospective of seeing these incidents as a college administrator and as a father of a girl the same age as the suicide victim.

There is no word if his request for that report has been granted by the University.

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