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Swimmer's death: Alleged rape, suicide death shocks campus

A swimming pool
A swimming pool
Rufino Uribe / Wikimedia Commons

A swimmer's death, an apparent suicide, was reportedly brought on by depression and shame following a rape. According to the Christian Science Monitor, Menu Courey, 20, took her own life over a year after she was raped. Her school, shocked to learn of her death, had no idea that she had been raped 16 months before -- something that Courey's parents feel should have been looked into.

"A police investigation is now underway, but Menu Courey's parents say the university and its athletics department should have already investigated their daughter's alleged off-campus rape by as many as three football players in February 2010," reports the Christian Science Monitor.

The swimmer's death has brought about discussions surrounding the role that colleges should play when it comes to things like this. Although Menu Courey was raped off campus, the school should have been notified and something should have been done according to some people -- and this isn't the only time that something like this has happened.

"President Barack Obama last week announced a new task force on college sex assault, citing statistics showing that 1 in 5 females are assaulted while in college but only 1 in 8 report attacks. The White House called it a public health epidemic" (Christian Science Monitor).

Many feel the swimmer's death could have been prevented if the school had been notified of the situation and reacted appropriately. Do you think colleges should be held accountable for not helping students in this type of situation?

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