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Swim with the tide not against it

Ride the currents of change
Ride the currents of change

Sunday, April 13, 2014: Let your social skills help you manage whatever intensity you encounter, expect some exciting moments and remember that it's a lot saner to make peace with others by establishing common ground than to make war by acting in anger. Channel your emotions and aggressions into positive outlets. Go to the gym... go for a run... Do whatever you can to center yourself, stay in your body and swim with the tide not against it.

Best advice: Maintain a solid attitude... not just positive, but an approach that emphases courage, openness and most of all... the ability to "go with the flow'.

Everyone's life is in flux and each is feeling the same anxiety and uncertainty you're experiencing. So bide your time, stay focused on what your grateful for, tune your mind into you're ultimate goal and your purpose for doing what you are doing. Most importantly be kind to others, and acknowledge that you, more than anybody else, deserves your love and affection.

Today's Quote

All great changes are preceded by chaos. - Deepak Chopra

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