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Swim diapers for summer fun

Imse Vimse Swim Diaper
Imse Vimse Swim Diaper

In the cold of winter the warm days of summer may seem far off, but they will be here soon.  Whether your summer adventures include a trip to a pool, the beach, or a lake you will need to find a diaper solution for your baby in the water. 

A waterlogged baby waddling around the beach in a disposable diaper not meant for the water is not ideal.  Disposable swim diapers can be found in many stores, but there are even better options available.

Swim diapers made from cloth are available in a variety of styles and prints.  Imse Vimse swim diapers are cute swim diapers that feel like and fit like a swimsuit.  They are trim fitting and come in a variety of cute prints.  Kushies makes two different kinds of lightweight swim diapers.  One is a diaper style with Velcro-like attachments and a tie.  The other style is a girl's swimsuit style with a swim diaper built into the bottom.  Kushies also offer a variety of cute prints.  Bummis has a swim diaper called a Swimmi.  It is a wrap style swim diaper with Velcro-like attachments so it is easy to remove if your child has an accident.   

As you are preparing for the summer season and getting the necessary gear for the beach, the lake, or the pool don't forget to pick up cloth swim diapers.  While cloth swim diapers may not be easily found at most department stores, you can find a good selection at Thanks Mama, a Boston based business.