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Swett on sale: South Dakota town on sale for $400K, bar and workshop about it

Have you ever wanted to buy a town? Swett is on sale for the low, low price of $400,000, though the South Dakota town doesn’t have much to offer at this point in time. A businessman is on the prowl for a person or company to consider buying the rural community, which includes a local bar, a construction workshop, and several trailers (that’s about it, though). UPI News shares the details about this unique plot of land transaction this Sunday, June 29, 2014.

Swett is on sale: South Dakota town is on sale by owner
Twitter Photo, StewMagnuson BlogSpot

Lance Benson is the prime owner of a small town in Bennet County, South Dakota, that goes by the name of Swett. He is interested in expanding his business horizons and hoping to sell the southeastern unincorporated community. Benson bought the town over 15 years ago, and after a brief legal bout with an ex-wife, has gotten it back into his ownership.

Now, however, he’s looking to put it onto the market. The old town has never been very populated, but it does have its own special history. Back in the 1940s, Swett included a total population of just under 50 people, as well as a local post office, residences, a bar, and a grocery store. Since then, the town has dwindled away and now often belongs to only one individual or business.

In the formal offer of the South Dakota town on sale, Swett includes a bar that is often a small gathering hub for local farmers and ranchers. It is also cited as the only watering hole for miles around. Yet that’s about it, as the few trailers that litter the town’s grounds and a small construction workshop are the only other habitations in sight. One of these trailers belongs to Benson and his new wife, who maintain ownership of the little rural community.

Now, for the price of only $400,000, Swett can be all yours, says Benson. KATU News shares that Swett Tavern has significance as the true pit stop before entering the Wild West, and could certainly be of value to potential buyers if they know what to do with the land.

"This place is pretty much where the highway ends and the Wild West begins," local patron Gerry Runnels told the newspaper.

While he has willingly put it on the market, Benson says that it has been hard putting the town on sale. He’s grown attached to it, and the businessman has asserted that if he fails to sell it by the end of 2015, he’s going to keep the countryside community in South Dakota all to himself.

"I hate to get rid of it," he admitted. "If I don't sell it this first year, I would probably keep it."

One news source — as evidenced in the video above — claims that South Dakota is one of the best states for retirement, so if you or a loved one is looking for somewhere nice and quiet to settle in, Swett may be just for you. And at $400,000 for an actual town (albeit one with little within), it seems pretty reasonable.

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