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Swelling varies between patients after a tummy tuck surgery

Swelling after a tummy tuck generally lasts three months.
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When a patient comes into a plastic surgeon’s office for a consultation, after discussing the procedure they are interested in, the next series of questions usually pertain to recovery.

San Diego tummy tucks are a sought after body contouring procedure. With that being said, since the goal of the surgery is to have a flatter abdomen, slimmer waistline, and more attractive silhouette, many patients want to know when they can expect their postoperative swelling to recede.

While the patient must wear a compression garment for four weeks, they can’t help to take a peek to see the progress.

Experienced La Jolla plastic surgeons will tell a patient that much of the postoperative swelling is due to the liposuction added and utilized during the procedure.

For patients who only require a mini tummy tuck, with let’s say, minimal liposuction and excision of skin only, then there will be minimal swelling.

Whereas a full tummy tuck, in where liposuction is used in the procedure, postoperative swelling may take up to three months to recede.

Following this three-month milestone, some may actually notice a little more reduction in residual swelling a month or two after this.

Each patient differs in their recovery timeline.

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