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SweetWater Brewing to release new beer, Take Two Pils

SweetWater will soon be releasing a new lager, Take Two Pils
SweetWater will soon be releasing a new lager, Take Two Pils
SweetWater Brewing Co.

SweetWater Brewing Co. recently let loose the news that they will be releasing a new beer, Take Two Pils. While not much information on the brew has been released so far, the one thing that is certain is that this is the first lager in the brewery's line-up outside of previous one-offs from the likes of the Dank Tank series (and based on the fact that Take Two will be released in 12-ounce bottles, it's safe to assume that this is not planned as a one-off or specialty brew).

For fans thinking, "Aren't I drinking a Pilsner by SweetWater right now?" while looking down at the brewery's currently-available spring seasonal, Road Trip Ale, the answer's in the name -- Road Trip, while in the vein of a Pils, is not entirely a true Pilsner, being fermented at higher temperatures rather than the longer, colder fermentation undergone by traditional Saccharomyces cerevisiae -- i.e., lager yeast.

The question then becomes, will this beer be released as a new summer seasonal? As noted, official word has been scant, but it would be a logical approach for those summer days that give "Hotlanta" a whole other meaning.

More likely, though, is that it is the result of a fan's choice survey recently put out by the brewery, soliciting opinions on the next beer style the brewery should brew up. Sounds as if the drinkers have spoken.

Take Two's label print reads as follows:

Take Two Pils is a step into an alternate reality for SweetWater, a head-first dive down the rabbit hole into the Wonderland world of lagers. The adventurous golden blonde German style pilsner is brewed with a mad hatter’s dose of spicy floral hops. It’s beautifully Bohemian in body, earthy in soul and it’s moving low. Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know. Call us in the morning!

Stay tuned for more info on this latest from Georgia's biggest craft brewery.

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