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SweetWater Brewing Company brings Save Our Water campaign to Tuscaloosa

SweetWater Brewing Company will be raising funds and awareness for the Black Warrior Riverkeeper in Tuscaloosa as a part of their Save Our Water campaign between July 4 and September 1.
SweetWater Brewing Company will be raising funds and awareness for the Black Warrior Riverkeeper in Tuscaloosa as a part of their Save Our Water campaign between July 4 and September 1.
SweetWater Brewing Company

SweetWater Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia) has partnered with the Black Warrior Riverkeeper once again for the 2014 installment of the Save Our Water campaign in Tuscaloosa from July 4 to September 1 (Labor Day).

While using the catchy slogan of "give of your liver to save the river", SweetWater Brewing has been supporting the conservation of the Southeast's vital water sources with the Save Our Water campaign since 2006. By partnering with bars, restaurants and retail accounts, this program raises funds for local chapters of the Waterkeeper Alliance – a global movement of on-the-water advocates who patrol and protect worldwide waterways – through the sales of campaign t-shirts and paper fish donations. In 2011, the brewery expanded the program with the creation and yearly release of their Catch & Release summer seasonal Waterkeeper® Hefeweizen. In just eight short years, SweetWater has raised over $700,000 and a priceless amount of awareness for the cause of the Waterkeeper Alliance.

"Many folks don’t realize that in addition to serving as a source for recreation, fresh waterways, particularly our local Chattahoochee River, supply our main ingredient – water – making up 90 percent of our beer,” said SweetWater Founder and Big Kahuna Freddy Bensch. “Keeping our water source clean is a cause that affects every life form in our community, so dedicating a beer and an awareness campaign was a no brainer for us.”

The Save Our Water campaign comes to Alabama in support of the Black Warrior Riverkeeper, a nonprofit clean water advocacy organization that protects the Black Warrior River and Lake Tuscaloosa. Lake Tuscaloosa is the city's source for drinking water, but sadly the Black Warrior River was recently named one of America's Most Endangered Rivers by American Rivers, a national nonprofit. Through campaigns like Save Our Water, the Black Warrior Riverkeeper can raise funds to aid in their efforts to ensure clean water for drinking, swimming, watersports, fishing, and wildlife habitat throughout the Black Warrior River watershed.

“SweetWater has been an amazing corporate partner for Black Warrior Riverkeeper since 2006,” said Charles Scribner, Executive Director of Black Warrior Riverkeeper. “It has been exciting to see them support more Waterkeepers throughout the South each year.”

Over twenty Tuscaloosa businesses are participating in this year's Save Our Water campaign (scroll to bottom of linked page for list), and you can help by simply visiting one of these locations to purchase a paper fish or Save Our Water t-shirt while you are there. To award the employees at these locations for doing their part in the campaign, Mountain High Outfitters will donate prizes to bartenders and servers who raise the most money for Black Warrior Riverkeeper. This gives you the chance to not only help out the environment, but you can also do your part to help your favorite server or barkeep win some sweet schwag.

If you happen to be in Tuscaloosa anytime between now and Labor Day, my suggestion to you is to venture out to one of these great establishments, enjoy a cold Waterkeeper® Hefeweizen, and help the cause of the Black Warrior Riverkeeper in any way that you can. If you are not in the Tuscaloosa area but would still like to participate in the campaign, you can go to to make a donation or you can purchase a custom Save Our Water pint glass at SweetWater’s weekly brewery tours. Black Warrior Riverkeeper truly is a wonderful organization that deserves our support, and you really cannot ask for an easier way to get involved in the protection of our state's natural resources than by participating in SweetWater's Save Our Water campaign. Make it happen, folks. Prost!

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