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Sweetheart brownie tin

A decorative tin of Brownies makes a delicious Valentine’s Day gift for a special someone. Using several Brownie box recipes you can create an old fashion treat. For a special touch decorate the lid with hearts, ribbon and lace, with a lining that can hold a special Valentine wish.

4 squares (1 ounce each) unsweetened chocolate2/3 cup shortening2 cups sugar
4 squares (1 ounce each) unsweetened chocolate2/3 cup shortening2 cups sugar
R. R. Cratty & Public Domain
Sweetheart brownie tin
R. R. Cratty

At you will find all Betty Crocker brownie recipes. Everything from caramel, chocolate-chip, shapes, sundaes, pizza brownies, cream cheese brownies, mint, peanut butter, raspberry and more. Choose three of your favorite and follow the directions. Or look view the slide-show for the recipe for 1920 Gold Medal Brownies.

While your brownies are cooling make your Sweetheart brownie tin.


· One 7” tin with lid

· One 9” circle of solid fabric (Red or Pink)

· Four 4” squares and one 8” square coordinating pink or red print fabric

· Thread to match fabric

· Fusible interfacing and batting to cover lid.

· Tracing paper and poster board

· Lace and ribbon for trim

· Fabric glue, rubber band marking pencil.

1. Place lid, top side down, on poster board and draw around, cut out. Trim poster board to fit inside lid.

2. Using poster board circle as a pattern, cut two circles from fusible interfacing, and batting

3. Using 4” heart squares cut out 4 hearts out of both fabric and fusible interfacing.

4. Fuse the hearts onto the 9” circle so they point into the middle of the circle.

5. If you wish use a narrow zigzag stitch to applique hearts to fabric.

6. Glue 7” batting circle to top of 7” lid. Center appliqued fabric on top of batting. Pulling fabric taut, glue fabric to rim of lid. Place rubber band around rim to hold fabric in place while glue dries.

7. Trim fabric and remove rubber band.

8. Glue Lace trim around lid rim.

9. Place poster board circle on printed fabric circle right side down. Pulling fabric taunt glue edges of fabric to the back of poster board piece.

10. Cut four 7” lengths of ribbon. Lay lengths of ribbon on the right side of fabric to form a 4 inch square; glue lengths at corners only. Fold ends of lengths to back of poster board.

11. Glue poster board to inside of the lid. Place your valentine card under the ribbons.

Cut your brownies with a pizza cutter and fill tin.


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