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Sweeten your way to summertime at the new Sprinkles ice cream shop

Red velvet mini cupcake with cap'n crunch ice cream
Naakai Addy

After a long, grueling winter, it seems safe to say that Spring has finally arrived in New York. Summer is therefore not far off and Sprinkles, the beloved Upper East Side cupcakery, has figured out how to keep its customers happy year-round.

If you spent your winter eating your feelings with Sprinkles' maple bacon and red velvet cupcakes, now you can spend your summer cooling down with the sweet treats at their brand new ice cream shop, located right next to the original bakery and its odd yet irresistible Cupcake ATM.

Sprinkles’ cupcakes are as popular as they are because rather than being merely miniature portions of full cakes, they are small masterpieces in and of themselves. Everything from the flavor and creaminess of the frosting to the moistness of the cake is well executed. It is for that excellence of quality that customers put up with the bakery’s over-the-top ordering system. The way you’re asked to proceed through the line at Sprinkles makes it seem as though you have a Chipotle-level of decision-making ahead of you when in reality all that’s happening is the associate placing an pre-prepared cupcake into a bag. Does it need to take 5 minutes? No, it doesn’t. But the cupcakes are good, so customers willingly and somewhat gleefully submit themselves to the unnecessary ceremony of it all.

Fortunately, Sprinkles’ new ice creams are crafted with a similar level of mastery to their cupcakes, and this time the ceremony actually has some purpose as the menu items—ice cream sandwiches, shakes, floats, and cupcake sundaes--do require varying degrees of assembly.

Customers have the option of classics like vanilla bean and dark chocolate, but Sprinkles has also branched out into slightly bolder flavors such as pistachio, salty caramel, blood orange sorbet, cap’n crunch, and, of course, red velvet. If you’re not ready to commit to a full-blown $7 sundae, start out with a mini sundae like the decadently creamy and insanely delicious cap’n crunch ice cream accompanied by a red velvet mini cupcake. For $3.50, it is just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without putting your into a coma.

Ice cream flavors are available in a cup or cone with toppings from caramel corn to gummy bears, as are ice cream sandwiches made with Sprinkles cookies in a range of exciting Milk Bar-esque flavors including peanut butter pretzel chip and salted oatmeal cornflake. If you would like to experience both a sugar high and a caffeine kick, the ‘sprinkles shot’ with a kid’s scoop and shot of espresso, is an also an option (though hopefully these are not being served to actual kids).

Whether or not you were previously a Sprinkles fan or even a cupcake fan, this season is definitely the time to get on board with what this brand has to offer. The cupcake craze may be on its way out, but by throwing a generous dose of ice cream and hot fudge into the mix, Sprinkles has definitely bought itself some staying power.

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