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Sweetbriar Review

Received from Sweetbriar Farm;

Bart's Bug-A-Roo (4 ounces) smells slightly sweet, but, mostly medicinal. It definitely is not as strong as other wearable bug killers. Some of them are entirely too strong and entirely too aromatic. Bart's is an herbal lotion spray and is comprised mostly of organic ingredients. It is packed with essential oils, which most bugs do not care for. While the packaging is geared for children, we have used it and we are so past the childhood ages. Like, way past. It works. It's efficient. It has to be reapplied hourly as is necessary, just like comparable anti-bug sprays. Bart's Bug-A-Roo retails for $6.00 and is available here.

Extreme Relief for Dry Cracked Skin comes in a small container and smells incredible. The amazing thing about this stuff is that it feels good on the skin and you can feel it going to work. Really! It only takes a little, too.

Intense Hand & Heel Balm is available with peppermint, lavender and unscented. We have
received the lavender version. It feels good on the skin and the results that it facilitates are pretty quick. For the money, it's an excellent buy. A tin of Intense Hand & Heel Balm retails for $5.00 and is available here.

The Super Sting-A-Roo Bite & Sting Stick is a small, longish-oval shaped lip balm-like container. The aroma is very faint and it works quickly enough to merit a permanent place in our purse or pants, while we traverse the outdoors as the one-woman, bug hang-out! Granted, we now have Bart's Bug-A-Roo for protection. However, there could be one hateful stinger who is somehow able to sneak up and under the protective Bug-A-Roo net and leave his mark. Well, we can combat that! We say, as we whip out the Sting Stick! The Super Sting-A-Roo Bite & Sting Stick retail for $3.50 and can be purchased here.

The Moisturizing Lip Balm smells great, unfortunately tastes great (we know that we will spend an inordinate amount of time licking it off our lips), moisturizes well and retails for $3.00. It is available here.

Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion is available in an assortment of essences. These include Gypsy, Unscented, Fresh Rain, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Vanilla, Peppermint and Green Tea & Cucumber. This last aroma is the one which we have received and is is a rough one. However, the unpleasantness dissipates as it is applied to the skin. Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion retails for $10.00 for a 6 ounce bottle and is here.

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