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Sweet sounds on Sundays: The Young Guns series at The Velvet Note

Jeffrey Cox (trumpet player on the right) is yesterday's (June 29th) featured artist for the Young Guns series at the Velvet Note.  Catch this Sunday music series soon!
Jeffrey Cox (trumpet player on the right) is yesterday's (June 29th) featured artist for the Young Guns series at the Velvet Note. Catch this Sunday music series soon!
Taken by Andrew Snorton

Sunday. Typically, this is the main day for worship (church), brunches, the NFL (well, not until September 7th), and a reminder the weekend is getting ready to come to an end.

However, there are opportunities to help stave off the pending end of the weekend and end it on as high a note as possible. Thanks to a music series hosted by the The Velvet Note, the immediate and surrounding community are able to enjoy some great jazz and other music-genre sounds and support the Alpharetta-based venue that supports and encourages the performing arts in an intimate and accessible format.

Complimenting their already sound Thursday-Saturday lineup, which includes their Open-mic sessions (on Thursday) and their headliner acts (on Fridays and Saturdays), their Sunday series provides a great platform for up-and-coming artists who are based in Atlanta and the immediate area. Entitled their "Young Guns" series, jazz acts and artists, some who are as young as their mid to late teens, are able to perform two full sets (two separate shows) and showcase their growing musical skills.

Yesterday's (June 29th) show featured metro-based artist (and a student at the Massachusetts Conservatory of Music) Jeffrey Cox. One year removed from high school, his show features classic covers and original compositions which resonate with the audience. His maturity with his renditions on the trumpet, combined with his calm yet youthful energy give him a presence that is beyond his years.

With a venue that literally reminds one of their living room, the audience has an up-close and personal view and immersion with any and all artists. Being able to enjoy the rich and "true" music in its purest form (thanks to their designer who studied under George Lucas and honed his wares working at Lucasfilm), those in attendance literally and figuratively are blown away by an experience that is truly unique.

With forthcoming shows by legends Earl Klugh, along with a future opera-based show, the Velvet Note continues to be one of the top venues to catch a live performance (or two) in an environment that has a solid menu (as evidenced by their award-winning crab cakes and other fare), encourages an intimate atmosphere between the audience and the artists, and pushes the importance and relevance of live music in the larger framework of the performing arts. Their site, along with their social media presence, provides further details of past, present, and future events, as well as their larger mission and purpose.

Good music, an enriching and art-influenced environment, and a way to enjoy established and up-and-coming artists is what makes the Velvet Note a very good way to support jazz and other interrelated music genres. Any of their days is a good day to check them out, and with the Sunday Young Guns series, fellow artisans and music lovers alike can cap off their weekends in as relaxing and invigorating a setting as possible.

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