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Sweet SC pit bull, abandoned by his owners, needs funds for heartworm treatment

Samson, who was abandoned without food or water, needs donations
Samson, who was abandoned without food or water, needs donations

A sweet dog, rescued in upstate South Carolina, is in need of donations to cover the cost of heartworm treatment, his foster posted February 22 on Facebook.

Samson, a young pit bull, was rescued last week after his owners moved on with their lives and left him behind. Samson was on a heavy five foot chain attached to a tree, where he was left with no food or water or shelter in the Mauldin area of Greenville County.

Thanks to social media, word quickly got around that Samson was in trouble, and would likely die without help.

Amy Elledge is now fostering Samson, who has been diagnosed as high heart worm positive. This makes heartworm treatment all that much more urgent.

Samson has a YouCaring webpage set up here, and is asking for help from the dog loving community to help with the cost. At the time of this article, only $110 has been raised of the $600 needed to cover his treatment.

Just as with getting Samson rescued from life-threatening conditions, social media is key in getting the funds needed for the heartworm treatment.

Please share his story with friends who love dogs. There's a vast network out there, where people with money are being matched up with dogs who need treatment. Let's not disappoint Samson, who only wants to move on with his life.

After his treatment, Samson will be looking for a family of his own. You can also contact Amy if you'd like to be considered when he's healthy enough for adoption. You can contact Amy on her Facebook page.

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